The Recurve bow is only kind of bow that is allowed in Olympics as of now (if we don’t include some compound for few of the Paralympic events). As such, Bhutan Archery Federation concentrates its efforts on developing archery on recurve bow, whether it is archery at elite level or in it’s grassroots efforts.

The Bhutan Archery Federation has sent participants for Individual Women and Men Recurve Categories, Women and Men Recurve Team Categories and wherever possible mixed team events in Olympics, Continental Games and Regional Games besides those World Cups and Championships that are organized by it’s International Federation the World Archery.

Given that the compound bow archery is now been included in the Asian Games with high probability that it could be included in the coming Rio Olympics, the Bhutan Archery Federation has started to develop elite compound bow archery team and program. And the new program has yielded silver team medal and individual bronze in 12th South Asian Games 2016.

Equipment: The recurve bow has tips that curves away from the holder of the bow and has strings that touches part of limbs when it is strung. Originally it was one-piece bows but now Olympics accepted bows have risers and limbs separate with other accessories such as arrow rest, bow sights, clicker, kisser, cushion plunger, stabilizers, etc.

Entry Level Coaching Course for School Sports Resources

As part of BAF Grassroots program, the school sports resources are given basic archery coaching course during the winter vacation to enable start of archery program in schools

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Winners of BAF Inter-School Archery Competition

The winners of the BAF Inter-School Archery Competition (held 20 & 21st Dec 2016) is being announced as below in corresponding categories and their prize items. The individual winners from among the 402 students and team from 73 schools that participated in the tournament. The tournament is part of the grassroots/ school program dedicated to 60th Birth Anniversary of the 4th King last year.

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