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The Bhutan Archery Federation is both the oldest and youngest among the sporting federations in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

It is the oldest because, in order to regulate the archery traditional matches and tournament, it was established in the 1971 and was then called the National Archery Federation of Bhutan and marks the start of organized sports within the country. With the creation of Bhutan Olympic Committee in 1983, the federation came to oversee international style of archery as well (for participation in the Olympics) and marks the advent of Olympic movement in the country, when Bhutan participated in Los Angeles 1984 Olympics year later with six archers for the first time ever.

Since then, Bhutan has participated in every Olympics in recurve archery and was the sole sport that Bhutan participated in except for the London Olympics 2010, when second disciple of shooting was added.

It is also the youngest among the federations, because it was only in year 2010 that the federation was entrusted with sole mandate of developing the Olympic style of archery. Till then, both the traditional and Olympic style of archery were looked after by the federation (which got its present name in 1990 when the name was changed to Bhutan Archery Federation from National Archery Federation of Bhutan). The traditional archery was to be looked after by offshoot of federation – the Bhutan Indigenous Games and Sports Association.

Presently, Bhutan Archery Federation is developing the elite international style of archery, with training and employment of the national archery team of Bhutan to represent the country in international competitions {Olympics, Continental and World Archery (International Archery Federation) competitions}.

The Bhutan Archery Federation has, for the first time ever, started grassroots program in archery, whereby schools (starting from the eastern side of Bhutan) are being introduced to archery programs along with international level coaching and equipment (though indigenous made meeting international standards). This is to ensure steady pool of talents and to nurture them from critical young age for viable international competitiveness in the future.


Bhutan Coach Completes Level 3

The Head Coach of Bhutan Archery Federation – Tashi Tshering has completed Level 3 Coaching Course – the highest certification in archery coaching courses. Tashi was in Bangkok, Thailand undergoing the coaching course conducted  by World Archery Federation at World Archery Center, Bangkok between 20th – 28th Feb 2016. The Expert Yap Lee Chong successfully conducted the […]

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Archery Team Starts Off the Medal Tally for Bhutan

During the South Asian Games #‎SAG2016, the Archery team of Bhutan has started off the medal tally for Bhutan by winning medals in 5 out of 7 categories that the team and individuals participated in. It has brought medals of Compound Men Team Silver, Compound Men Individual Bronze, Recurve Women Team, Recurve Women Team and […]

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